Hammerwood & Holtye Hall

The Trustees of the charity are also members of the Management Committee.  They serve for a period of one year and are subject to re-election.

The Constitution calls for a Management Committee, the members of which become Trustees, consisting of eight Elected Members and three Representative Members. The Representative members are from: Hammerwood & Holtye Women's Institute, Hammerwood Cricket Club and Hammerwood & Holtye Men's Club. The Cricket Club does not send a representative and the local WI and Men’s Club no longer exist  today.  In addition  the  Committee  may  appoint three co-opted members. 

The members of the Management Committee (and Trustees) for the year are:

Sara Beare (Chairman) Tel: 01342 851404 
Linda Skinner (Secretary)  Tel:  01342 07720 077999
Marc Adams (Hon Treasurer)
Mrs Geraldine Gardiner Tel: 01342 850660 (Bookings Secretary)
Michelle Adams
James gardiner
Kim Sands
Tricia Fulford-Smith
Sue Cording
Anne-Noelle Pinegar
Lesley Smart